Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) [Лево-стороннее движение]

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Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) [Лево-стороннее движение]

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Birmingham (Sutton Coldfield) 1.6
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Описание (англ.яз)
Birmingham is UK's second largest city. Once famous for heavy industry, Rover cars and Cadburys chocolate. The city today is thriving and has some of the busiest roads in the UK.

The route modelled runs from Birmingham City Centre to Sutton Coldfield, a busy town about 7 miles away.

The route will start in central Birmingham, On Bull St. You'll then drive around colmore circus, the police headquarters, the Birmingham post building, the law courts, Birmingham children's hospital and Aston university.

Then you'll drive the route along the Aston expressway (A38m). It's a pretty unique road as it has no central reservation and no hard shoulder for a long stretch. The speed limit is 50 mph. The "red lane" in the middle is used to aid congestion at peak times. In the morning rush hour it is open inbound to city and in the evening it opens outbound. However, buses are banned from using this lane. You'll drive under the world famous spaghetti junction where the speed limit is reduced to 30mph.

Driving through Gravelly Hill and into Erdington. The well known route 11, Europe's longest bus route drives "the outer circle" of the city and stops here. It runs as AI traffic at 1 of its stops.

From then its pretty much a straight road, passing through Wylde green and arriving in Sutton after a scheduled 31 minute run. This is possible but it is pretty tight for time.

There is depot on Holland Road, Sutton Coldfield. In reality this depot closed in the 80's, but for Omsi purposes , it's reopened!

Layover times in Birmingham city centre are minimal. They are regulated pretty hard so you won't get longer than 4 minutes idle at the Bull St Terminus. If you find you are running early, you should wait at Aston University stop 1 to make up your time.

You probably won't run early though. It's a 31 minute peak and 28 minute off peak run and you will need to put your foot down to stick to these times.
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